Corporate Education Solutions

Access Experienced Adult Educators

Our mission is to help organizations build employees' capacity from within. At AWENS we offer the opportunity to connect organizations with workplace education instructors. Our members are subject matter experts working in a wide range of industry sectors. To connect with one of AWENS member instructors, we provide a transparent screening process through a Request for Proposals.

Our Values


We pride ourselves on our accountability and reporting. We stand behind our pre-qualified talent pool of educators and facilitators.


We make workplace education and training accessible by connecting organizations to federal and provincial funding programs, and by matching clients with instructors who are subject matter experts.


Our extensive membership of subject matter experts work across many industry sectors and provide a high level of adult education programs.


In addition to offering customized programs tailored to each organization's specific needs, we provide a diverse group of qualified educators and make our resources available through flexible class times.


AWENS members are active in their field of practice, bringing a practical current approach that is relevant to today's workplace.

RFP Process

Project Planning
  • Setting Education Goals
  • Timeline
  • Scoring criteria
  • Budget
Drafting the RFP
  • Project schedule
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Organization background information
  • Required skills
Issuing the RFP
  • Distribute to AWENS instructors
  • Receive submissions from compatible educators
Review and Awarding Contract
  • Score RFPs
  • Conduct interviews
  • Select optimal proposal
  • Award contract