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In the Classroom – Still the Place to be for Workplace Learning


In the Classroom – Still the Place to be for Classroom Learning

By Nancy Thompson, Executive Director, AWENS – Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia  @nthompsonED

In 2014, Brandon Hall Group’s Senior Learning Analyst, David Wentworth, and VP of Workforce Management Practice, Mollie Lombardi, reported on the top five key trends in training. One of these trends is that one-third of companies are increasing their budget for learning and development. In addition, Wentworth and Lombardi reported the learning vehicle of choice for companies should be a blend of social and technology tools.

With the stated best practices and trends of Wentworth and Lombardi (2014) being a blend of social and technology tools, it is interesting to note that the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Training Benchmarking Study report states that the classroom is still popular in terms of spending, despite ever-increasing options that are considered more effective.

Instructor lead classroom training is still the number one learning environment businesses provide, with instructor-led classrooms being rated 3.4 – 21% higher than eLearning modules, which rated only a 2.8%. The 2016, Brandon Hall Group’s report also states that 58% of organizations are spending more than $1,000 per learner on training for senior leadership – 39% for high-potentials and 32% for mid-level management.

Classroom learning is held to be the most effective learning environment over social and technology tools. However, technology provides the means to reach and serve people who are restricted or have limited access to classroom delivery.

Classroom instruction is best for learning specific concepts or skills. Teachers can have the opportunity to make formal and informal observations as to whether learners are learning. Instructors can then alter the lesson plan based on the learning needs of the individuals to ensure all learners are benefiting from the training. Learners can receive additional support that can take place prior to, during, and following the class, allowing instructors to bring more clarity and support learners when required.

Despite the ever-increasing options to learn through technology, the classroom is still the preferred of learning environment spending, due largely in part to the increased learning opportunities it provides. It is interesting to see the classroom still ahead of social and technology tools for learning in 2016.

Nancy Thompson is the Executive Director of AWENS – Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia. She has worked across a wide range of industries and organizations within the business development, government, construction, corporate and non-profit sectors. As an experienced trainer and adult educator, Nancy’s passion is for promoting lifelong learning and helping people to grow both personally and professionally.

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