Instructional Skills Certification

The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) was created in 1979 by Douglas Kerr, at the University of British Columbia to provide instructors with a methodology to ensure teaching and learning took place in the classroom. Since then, ISW has been modernized to meet today's teaching and learning experiences. Now recognized around the world by educational institutes, ISW provides instructors with the knowledge and skills to increase the performance outcome of the learners.


International Accreditation-ISW Around The World

AWENS facilitates ISW around the world, expanding the ISW program in Atlantic Canada and the Caribbean.

The ISW Experience

Three day

focused program

Self reflecting
and peer learning

Applied learning

Why It Works

Ryerson and Western University confirm instructors who participate in an ISW develop improved instructional techniques and skills that result in enhancing their teaching performance and the learning outcomes of the students. Many educational institutes have adopted ISW as an onboarding process for their instructors including McMaster University where it is mandatory for the engineering faculty.

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