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Take it “Up A Notch”

Take it “Up A Notch”

Take it "Up A Notch"By Nancy Thompson, Executive Director, AWENS – Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia  @nthompsonED

Organizations have been providing wellness programs to their employees for many years. These wellness programs differ greatly from organization-to-organization. Corporate wellness programs can include gym memberships and even spa days. However, 2018 is going to bring about a change to many corporate wellness programs.

According to an article in Forbes, corporate wellness programs bring forward a new trend for 2018 that will take their wellness programs ‘up a notch‘.

Wellness programs have been used to attract, recruit and retain the best of the best employees. Now according to the Forbes article by Alan Kohill, (2017) titled 8 Trends That Will Impact Worksite Wellness in 2018‘, employers will be integrating career development strategies within their existing wellness programs with the intent to create and encourage employee engagement.

By diversifying and implementing career development into corporate wellness programs, businesses will create a positive work environment and enhance the success of their employees. This shift is being tagged as ‘a collective well-being‘, a balance as it may be that integrates and includes aspects of learning and development classes, employee recognition programs and workplace design. The desired outcome of this trend is not a new goal for organizations. This new trend is intended to enhance and offer up value of existing programs to retain and keep current employees happy, as well as attract the best of the best employees.

This year is an opportunity for corporations to create learning and development programs that can be blended into their existing wellness programs. This new approach to wellness programs will certainly take things ‘up a notch‘ all while attracting the best of the best employees.

Blog FooterNancy holds an MBA in Global Leadership and a Diploma in Adult Education. Working in the field of Adult Education for over 25 years, she is dedicated to helping organizations build capacity from within, and insure adult educators receive the professional development they need to be innovative and build success in others.     Nancy believes, by investing in workplace education, everyone wins – the company, the people and the communities in which we live.

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